Dusseldorf Sightseeing

Dusseldorf Sightseeing

We continue our tour of Germany’s most popular sites with a stop in Dusseldorf. One of the largest cities on the Rhine, it is considered a fashion capital, though most tourists skip it in favour of some Cologne Sightseeing in the city’s more popular neighbour.  However, if you have the time, I do suggest you spend some time exploring my recommendations for the best of Dusseldorf sightseeing. I was lucky in that my visit was guided by a local and a friend, so I do feel my tips are something special!

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As mentioned, Dusseldorft is known as a shopping and fashion capital, so where else to start your Dusseldorf sightseeing but with a shopping spree? Königsallee (the “Ko”) is one of the oldest streets, with the most expensive shops and where the city established its reputation.

Shadowstrasse is where you’ll find all of the best German department stores, whereas Carlstadt has flea markets, art, and antiques.

Where the city really shines though are in its futuristic shopping malls, which are the perfect way to get your materialistic fix. Ko-Galerie, Sevens (pictured), stilwerk, and Schadow Arkaden are all worth a look – even if you’re a window shopper.


You know how much I like to talk, so its no surprise my favourite Dusseldorf sightseeing experience is to just walk along the Rhine.  From the old town, head across the Rheinknie Bridge, then stroll along the empty park on the waterfront (which has fantastic views of the city across, naturally), then head back across into town on the Oberkasseler Brdige.  On a sunny day, there’s nothing better, really.



It is probably no surprise that many come to Dusseldorf, sightseeing their way through sausages!  Though I suggest you look for the “restaurant with a queue” on the main street, the Schweine Janes.  Here you can try “Schweinehaxe” – pork knuckle.  It’s far tastier than it sounds, trust me.

Schwarzwaldstube is a top restaurant – their sister restaurants elsewhere have made it on lists of the best restaurants in the world.  Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a sausage with curry-flavoured ketchup (a currywurst).

If you’re kind of sick of meat-and-potatoes, then pop into Pizzeria Lupo for fresh, made-to-order food fired pizza.


The most noteworthy Dusseldorf sightseeing spot, and the reason this city is on the itinerary of many backpackers, is the Längste Theke der Welt – or the “longest bar in the world.”  That’s not to say that Dusseldorf has some enormous oversized pub, but there is one street in the old city (altstadt) which is lined with bars from start to finish.  The drink of choice is Alt, a dark beer you can only get in/around Dusseldorf.  Füchschen, Schlüssel, and Uerige all brew their own beer on premises.    Not alt beers are the same, so I suggest you try a couple to see what you think.


Another popular Dusseldorf sightseeing option is architecture.  The city has both new and old buildings that are fairly noteworthy and worthy of visiting, if nothing else for the great photo opportunity.  Recommendations include:

  • Gehry Buildings:  Frank Gehry is well known for his architectural work, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or the Dancing House in Prague.  He also has a series of buildings in the “Media Harbour” area of Dusseldorf,
  • Burgplatz: This central square has several interesting architectural sites. First have a look at the city monument, a complicated piece of artwork that explores a lot of the history if the city.  But crowning the square is the Dusseldorf City Hall.  Built in the 16th century, it is now a parliamentary building.
  • Rhine Tower:  This not-exactly-beautiful tower defines the Dusseldorf skyline, and the viewing deck offers 360 degree views – worth going on a clear day, for sure.


Dusseldorf sightseeing doesn’t get any crazier than in July, when the carnival comes to town. It’s the Biggest Fun Fair on the Rhine, and that’s actually it’s name – Größte Kirmes am Rhein. It is held mid-July for a week and features balloons, fair rides, lots of beer,good carnival food, and a finale fireworks display on the last evening of the fair.    It’s incredible and a must-experience for the summer.

If you find yourself here in Christmas, Dusseldorf also has a very lovely Christmas market.  Well worth the visit if you’re also in Cologne (who have the best Christmas markets in Germany, in my opinion).

Photo Credits: Retinafunk, Dirk Hartung, emptyhighway, Bernt Rostad, Flippio Salamone, FvS

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