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Are you bored? I don’t mean bored as in “without things to do.” Because let’s face it, there is always something to do, even if that is an hour of television or half an hour flipping through other people’s photos on our Flickr Group. But are you bored in the sense that the everyday is feeling a bit mundane, typical, and just… well, not enough? Then consider some of these awesome countries for your next vacation, holiday, break, or sabbatical. They are the perfect places to go when your bored!

New Zealand

It isn’t a secret that New Zealand is one of my favourite countries.  But you’ll never find yourself short of something to do, because Mother Nature is always ready to offer you one great travel experience after another.  Some options that I’d recommend:

  • Walking one of the “epic” trails, such as the Able Tasman Coastal Trail
  • Check out the party scene, ski slopes and hiking trails of Queenstown
  • Get blown away by the scenery of the world’s most beautiful fjords, such as Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound.

Give yourself at least a couple of weeks so you can get around and explore some really remote places.  It’s strange how doing nothing except sitting and seeing/hearing/feeling what the world was like before people came around can be anything but boring.


As one of the world’s oldest countries, India is a wild ride when it comes to travel experiences.  Did you know that nearly 75% of our travel interviewees mention India as one of their most inspirational travel destination?  A few things you have to do in India:

  • Go to the beaches.  There are lots, and you can picnic, chill out at the resort, or explore the nearby caves and ruins.
  • Take the train.  It is a one of a kind experience.  That’s all I can really say.
  • Explore the architecture and monuments, like the Taj Mahal.


Similar to India, Morocco is a country full of colour, of life, of zest.  Arguably the most European of the African nations because of its historical influences, there’s a lot to love about Morocoo.  A few highlights:

  • Go shopping in the souks.  Some of them are so big it is easy to get lost, but perhaps that’s part of the adventure.
  • Eat Moroccan food.  This is kind of difficult – making a choice, that is – because Moroccan cuisine has had so many influences over the years.  For me, it’s the pastries, snacks, and spicy meats that have the biggest allure.
  • Visit Marjoelle Garden, one of the world’s most amazing flower gardens


As home to the Grand Tour of Europe, Italy needs no introduction.  But before you say that the typical sites are boring, have you really considered all of your options?

  • The further south you go in Italy, the warmer the weather gets (maybe a little too warm come summer).  Much of this terrain is unexplored by regular travellers, so break out your Italian phrasebook.
  • Personally, I could spend an entire week hopping from one cafe to the next, riding the waves of caffeine between blasts of sugar at the gelato shops.
  • Italy is also great for hiking and biking.  You’ve got endless bike paths in the vineyard country to the north, as well as coastal hiking options such as the Cinque Terre.


For a country that will keep you entertained with the most diverse sightseeing options, Argentina is a best bet.  It’s a big place, stretching all the way down to the tip of South America, but it’s well worth the journey.  Why?

  • First, get on your dancing shoes and check out all the  free things to do in Buenos Aires.
  • Then head down to glacier country, where Mother Nature is fierce and fearless.
  • Did I mention food?  You won’t go hungry here in Argentina either.


Oh, Canada.  Truly one of the world’s loveliest countries, and some of the friendliest people as well. As the world’s second largest country by land mass, you have plenty of room the roam free, especially since the majority of the population lives within a couple of hours drive from the American border.  How to choose what to do to cure your boredom?

  • Every province has its own charms – we have proof, as Canadian travel experts Dave & Deb shared with us, Dream Adventures in Canada.
  • A personal favourite for me is Quebec – specifically, Quebec food.  But between Montreal, Quebec City, and Gatineau, you can’t go wrong.
  • Drop in for a little slice of British Columbia heaven with a spot of Victoria Sightseeing.

Similar to New Zealand, Canada is a wonderful place for the outdoorsy type, but there are also some cool cities to spend your time inside.

Hong Kong

For glitz inspired by both China and Britain, Hong Kong is your destination.  It is one of the world’s busiest cities, full of chaos, confusion but yet underneath it all, it functions pretty well and makes for a great tourism experience.  You will not be bored, but how to survive?

  • Take a junk boat out to soak up that killer skyline for your own eyes.  Pictures really don’t do it justice.
  • Go shopping at the Temple Street night market.  I think I went three or four times in a week.  There’s junk, treasures, food and drink all in a crazy, chaotic environment.
  • See the other side of Hong Kong with a hike on Lantau Island or on Hong Kong Island.  It’s a peaceful reminder that this over-the-top setting is only a recent development.


Vive La France!  I don’t think there is a country in the world more full of vigor and life than France.  From food to fashion and culture, the French do it property and do it in style.  The French capital of Paris is the place to start, and indeed you could spend weeks there strolling down hidden cobblestone streets and finding places to sip champagne. Some of my other favourite places outside the capital:

  • Lille, near the Belgian border, with a wonderful old village, city parks, and big open city squares.
  • Nice, where suntans and celebrity spotting go hand in hand
  • Mont Saint Michel, known colloquially as the ‘church in the sea’, is a beauty.

Don’t forget to enjoy France’s food and drink while you’re here – it may be rich but it is certainly delicious.

United States

Last but not least is the world’s tourism icon, the United States.  If you’re reading this and that’s where you live (which is many of you), you might be sayign: ugh, but I’m bored! America offers some of the most diverse sets of experiences on earth, so get in a car or catch a flight and see some of these classics:

  • Lake Tahoe sightseeing:  this is in my book the most beautiful lake in the world.  The colour is so clear, backdropped by pine trees… cliché, but this place is postcard perfect.
  • Weird things to do in Austin:  Perhaps one of America’s most “unique” cities, Austin is weird.  That’s a good thing – you’ll not be bored, trust me.
  • Fun places to go in Chicago: Another ‘forgotten’ city hidden amongst the plains of the Midwest, Chicago has a stunning skyline, lots of adorable little neighbourhoods, and some world class museums, plenty to fill a weekend or a week with adventure.

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