Dream Adventures in Canada

Dream Adventures in Canada

Today’s article was written by Dave and Deb from ThePlanetD.

As Canada’s Adventure Couple, we spend a lot of time traveling the world in search of a great adventure. But it just so happens that there are incredible adventure destinations right here in our home country.
Over the next few years, we are hoping to visit some of these dream destinations right in our own backyard and eventually be able to boast that Canada’s Adventure Couple has taken on adventures in every province of our vast nation.
Join us in our pursuit of travel more in Canada with this list of the top adventures by province:

British Columbia – The West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail British Columbia


Known as the most grueling trek in North America, the West Coast trail is 75 km of back country camping taking you through the Pacific Rim of British Columbia. It generally takes 6 to 10 days to trek and it is for intermediate to experienced backpackers only.

You need to be completely self sufficient, carrying your own food and gear as you make your way through forests, beaches and wetlands. You will cross rivers, climb ladders up sheer rock faces and have to pull yourself across high ravines on cable cars. The payoff is well worth it though as the views are spectacular.

Yukon Territories –Yukon River

Paddling Yukon

Famous for its Klondike Gold Rush Days, the Yukon River Canoe trip from White Horse to Dawson City takes you right through the rugged wilderness of a bygone era. This 700 km stretch takes 16 days to complete. Paddle through unforgettable scenery in Canada’s true wild north. You will see abandoned gold settlements and magnificent wildlife such as bald eagles, moose and grizzly bears as you paddle this historic and mighty river.

Alberta – Mountaineering


Climbing to the peak of one of the Canadian Rocky Mountain’s is the top activity for any adventure lover. There are routes all over the province ranging from beginner to highly technical. Learn the skills to summit one of these peaks by taking a full semester at the Rocky’s premiere climbing school Yamnuska Mountain Adventures. Spend 3 months in the beautiful Canmore area gaining the skills and experience that you need to become fully independent in the mountains.

Manitoba – Polar Bears

Polar Bears Man

Nothing makes you feel more alive than being outdoors in a Canadian winter and there is no better place than Churchill, Manitoba. Located on the Hudson Bay, Churchill is known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” Observe these great creatures in their natural habitat. You are guaranteed to spot a polar bear in October or November as hundreds wait upon the shores of the Hudson Bay for the water to freeze. Once it does so, they make their way out in search their prey.
You will be safe and warm in your Tundra Buggy that takes you out to the Arctic ice fields. Dress warm though and be sure to bring your parka, temperatures go down to minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Saskatchewan – Cattle Drive

cattledrive Sask

Jump on a horse and and go on a cattle drive in Saskatchewan. It will connect you to the days of the Wild West. Brew coffee over an open campfire and live as they did in centuries past. Book a trip to an actual working cattle ranch and unlock your inner cowboy. You will do chores on the farm, learn a few cowboy tricks and go on overnight trail rides where you will camp out in the Great Plains of this Prairie Province.

Ontario – Dive For Wrecks

Diving Ontario

Ontario has some of the best wreck diving in the world. The Great Lakes are littered with pristine shipwrecks slumbering on their floor waiting to be explored by divers. Some of the most exciting diving excursions occur on the St Lawrence River. Moderate temperatures, great visibility and strong currents make it a thrill to dive.
Make your home base in Brockville among the famous 1000 Islands and spend a few days checking out dozens of different wrecks as you float along with the rivers current. There isn’t a thermocline here, water temperatures remain 70 degrees from top to bottom and visibility is 40 feet.

Quebec – Mountain Biking

mtb quebec

Home of the Laurentian Mountain range, Quebec boasts excellent mountain biking trails. Mont St. Anne 2 hours outside of Quebec City has hosted the World Mountain Bike championships and many World Cup Events. Strap on your best body armour and pack your best downhill bike as you ride the over 100km of trails. The Gondola will whisk you to the top of the mountain where you can either barrel your way downhill or ride along the many trails ranging from beginner to expert terrain.

Nova Scotia/New Brunswick – Sea Kayaking

 Dream Adventures in Canada

Sea Kayak on Canada’s Eastern Coast on some of the highest tides on earth. The Bay of Fundy stretches between the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and it is truly a world wonder. It takes six hours between high and low tides and the landscape is constantly changing.

You may see whales and seals, but it is the rocky landscape that is awe-inspiring. Towering rock formations known as “Flower Pot” rocks jut out of the ocean. During low tide, you can walk on the sea bed right beside these massive monoliths and inspect how the sea has sculpted their unique shapes.

PEI – cycling

Cycling PEI

Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast is one of the top cycling destinations in North America. Our smallest province offers excellent sites to see. Beaches and stunning coastline, farmland and woods, there is much to exlore. Famous for its red soil and for being the setting of our beloved Anne of Green Gables stories, PEI is only 224 km long and 60 km wide at its widest point.

It is an easy ride with gentle hills and little traffic. There is an extensive network for cyclists and Bed and Breakfasts await you as your ride from Inn to Inn.

Newfoundland – Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling Newfoundland

There is nothing more Canadian than a trip out to the wilderness on a snowmobile. Ideal weather and thousands of kilometres of groomed trails make Newfoundland a premier destination for snowmobiling. Ride your sled between lodges and huts as you explore its vast wilderness and valleys. Witness caribou among the snow covered evergreens as you ride along abandoned railway lines, back country roads and ancient Inuit trails. You can book with an outfitter or if you are an avid snowmobiler, you can travel independently and plan your own trip.

Be well prepared for any emergency situation as the Canadian winters can be deadly for a novice.

Nunavut – Dog sledding

Dogsled Nunavut

What better way to explore Canada’s newest Territory, Nunavut (which means “our land” in Inuktitut) than driving your own dog team across the arctic tundra. Experience this traditional form of transportation that the Inuit have used for over 2000 years. Build an igloo and stay overnight on the frozen ice. They say, nothing quite compares to speeding along the blue sea ice being pulled by legendary Huskies. The views of the Hudson Bay’s never ending arctic landscape are overwhelmingly beautiful. At the end of an exhilarating day on the sled it is even more incredible as you watch the Aurora Borealas (aka Northern Lights) dance across the night sky.

N.W. Territories – Cross Country Skiing

NWT XC Skiing

The North West Territories is a region immense in size and unsurpassed in its natural beauty. Strapping on Cross Country skis is the perfect way to get from one place to another while enjoying the Canadian winter. There are miles of trails that will lead you deep into the wilderness. Stay in remote cozy lodges and enjoy day trips out to frozen lakes and wilderness. All the trails are well marked, but make sure you are in shape and bring lots of on the trail supplies to keep you going.

Once again you will witness the Aurora Borealas. They can be seen all across Canada’s great north and you will never tire of seeing their beauty.

For more Canadian adventures (although how could you with that world’s-most-comprehensive-travel-article-about-Canada?!  Talk about travel more!) you can check out Dave & Deb at ThePlanetD and follow them on Twitter.


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