Chocolate (Travel) Bliss


Do you love chocolate? Then you’ll love the new book by Susie Norris called Chocolate Bliss. You might be wondering to yourself how the world of travel and chocolate align? Well, read on to find out about finding your own chocolate travel bliss….

Chocolate Travel Bliss

Chocolate Around the World

Chocolate has been a foodie fascination for thousands of years and still is today. Here’s some great places for your next chocolate-inspired destination:

  • Bruges, Belgium: It is no surprise that Belgium comes tops in my list for tasty chocolate destinations – in the tiny town of Bruges, there isn’t much else beyond chocolate and beer, a pretty fantastic combination. Look past the overly-touristic façade and experience the flavours that Belgian Chocolate has to offer. The Old Chocolate house is a favourite, for good reason. Just check it out.
  • Switzerland: Everyone knows the Swiss know how to do chocolate; just look at the success of brands like Lindt and Nestle for proof. If you’re in the country, check out one of the most popular chocolate factory tours in all of Europe at Maison Callier in Broc, one of the first chocolate factories in the country.
  • Mexico: Mexico has deep roots in the history of chocolate, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find many tourism options in this region, especially around Oxaca. Be sure to check with our travel concierge for the best options.
  • Paris, France: Paris is the world’s culinary capital, and the French have not discounted chocolate out of the equation. In most cafes you’ll find steaming mugs of hot chocolate on offer, but I’d suggest you hit a chocolatier instead. La Maison du Chocolat (225, rue du Faubourg St. Honoré) and Fauchon (24-26 Place de la Madeleine) are two gastronomic icons that are guaranteed to please.
  • America: The US isn’t going to let Europe and Central America rest on their historic laurels. There’s family-friendly Hershey Pennsylvania, an entire village dedicated to the stuff (I’ve been – and it even smells like chocolate on the streets. Crazy!). You’ll also find chocolate tours in New York, Boston, and Chicago.
  • Grenada: What’s just the thing go with sunny Caribbean skies and gorgeous beaches? Chocolate! The Grenada Chocolate Company makes chocolate from start-to-finish and it’s a huge hit with locals and visitors; I suspect you have to eat it fast or it’ll melt!
  • Melbourne, Australia: My love and lust for Melbourne does not affect this chocolatey recommendation! Melbourne has a very strong food and drink scene and cafe culture, so it’s no surprise that you can find chocolate tourism here.
  • London, England: As a shopper’s paradise, London didn’t forget the chocoholics. The best shops are Demarquette in Chelsea or the renowned Harrod’s in Knightsbridge.

If all that weren’t enough, Regent even offers a chocolate cruise! Talk about straight out of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

A Word from the Author

I wanted to get Susie’s perspective on finding your chocolate travel bliss; here’s what she had to say when we had a chance to catch up:

Have you been on any chocolate-related travel tours that you’ve done that are absolutely bliss?

My favorite tour was of a factory in the chocolate growing region of Tabasco, mexico where we not only got to see chocolate made from local beans, but we also got to buy a block of solid chocolate in the shape of an olmec god.

What countries have your favourite chocolates? Is it Switzerland or Belgium :-) ?

Belgium for me, but it’s a close race!!

What part of the book brings back the most poignant chocolate memories or is your favourite?

Here’s a recipe for new world pumpkin spice cake with chocolate glaze that takes its inspiration from the fruits of chocolates homeland: mexico. While cacao trees, from which chocolate is made, are native to the amazon basin, they were first cultivated as a crop, a beverage and a food in mesoamerica, particularily southern mexico. Pumpkin, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla are all from this amazing region.

Chocolate Cake

Click here to download Susie’s super special secret recipe 

Get Your Copy Today

Go and find your chocolate bliss, whether locally or on the road. Full of ideas and inspiration, Susie Norris’ Chocolate Bliss is a must have for any traveller’s bookshelf. Click below to get your copy today – dollars on the left, pounds on the right:

Chocolate bar photo by Everjean, Cake by Susie Norris

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