Travel More by Travelling Safe

Travel More by Travelling Safe

The best way to travel more is to travel safe. An accident or mishap, even just the loss of your passport can be enough to completely derail the trip of a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be better to plan ahead and travel with a simple, easy piece of production that will cover you in case something happens?

You know what they say:

Better Safe than Sorry.

Why Travel Insurance?

There’s a number of upsetting scenarios that can happen while abroad. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who to call if any of these things happened:

  • lost or stolen gear, luggage, or travel documents
  • medical emergencies (and possibly expensive transport to get you home)
  • injuries while on adventure tours and experiences
  • cancellations that at best, disappoint, and at worst, cost you in changes and rerouteing
  • personal liability – sometimes, it’s just your fault. And we know how people like to sue everything and anything these days.

For all our community members’ travel insurance needs, we without question recommend World Nomads  worldwide travel insurance.

Why World Nomads?

World Nomads is one of very few providers that offer a world-class, one-stop-shop for travel insurance needs. That means you get the best cover on offer, at a great price, nearly anywhere and everywhere you travel. Convenient, eh?

Other reasons why we travel with World Nomads:

  • Ability to Extend Cover En Route. If you change plans and you’re already on the road, some policies require you to come home first. Not with World Nomads – you can always make extensions while you are travelling.
  • Cover for Things that Really Need It. I never understood why some insurance policies would cover you for a ski trip to Switzerland, yet if you hurt yourself on the slopes, you aren’t covered. What’s the point? World Nomads gets the idea that travel more means having fun and sometimes that means a little risk taking. They’ve got your back.
  • Online Administration. Of course you can phone, but a lot of times it is easier to go online and sort out everything you need. From filing and checking up on claims to making a policy extension, World Nomads is all online.
  • Great Value for Money. Costs are depending on your country of residence and length of travel, naturally, but all of World Nomads policies are great value for money.

If you need more information about what World Nomads covers and how the policies work, you can find out more on their website.

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