Photo Essay: 10 Really Big Fruits in Australia

Big fruits? As a Tourist Attraction?

I thought it was crazy too. These massive, gigantic structures found in Australia have built a cult tourist following, with people driving from one town to another just to catch another photograph of these fruity monstrosities. Although there are several types of big attractions in Australia, let’s take the healthy road and check out all the big fruits located all over the continent.

Big Apple

Nope, this is the other big apple. There are several Big Apples in Australia. In Western Australia, it is a 7m x 4m size apple which is part of an orchard that grows apples where visitors can pick a fruit for their own. The apple is on the top portion of the tower called Lady William Apple Tower and it is climbable which gives you a chance to see the deer over in Glen Karalea Deer Park. The Big Apple is just located at the Grist Road, 6 kilometers north of Donnybrook, 206 km away from Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

In Queensland, a newly-painted Big Apple has a 4m x 3m size (above). Terri Wells and Bob Simcock spent an enormous amount of time painting them to make sure that the apple looks real. It is located 12 kilometers north of Stanthorpe in Thulimbah, just within the New England Highway. Thulimbah is just 206 km from Brisbane, Queensland’s capital.

In Victoria, another Big Apple is located at the Big Apple Tourist Orchard. It is located at the Avenue of Honor at Bacchus Marsh, which is 48 km west of Melbourne, just 45 minutes by car or 40 minutes by train from the capital city. And lastly, New South Wales does not want to be left behind. Driving through the old Hume Highway in Yerrinbool you’ll see a Big Apple standing by the roadside. Yerrinbool is only 84 km from Sydney.

Big Avocado

In New South Wales, the Big Avocado is standing proud at the Tropical Fruit World, or the old Avocadoland, in Duranbah. It is just within the border of Queensland. Through the highways between Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah (650-670 km from Sydney), you can find the entrance of the Tropical Fruit World & Research Park. The park is south from the Gold Coast Airport. For 10 minutes, drive on the Pacific Highway, then turn to the Murwillumbah Exit 40. From there, just follow the sign towards the entrance of the park.

Big Banana

There are two Big Bananas in Australia, one is located in Western Australia and is about 6m x 1m. Interestingly, this banana is vertically standing and is originally built for a service station and video store. Later, it was sold to Carnarvon Tourist Bureau for its banana industry. You can find it at the corner of Boundary Road and Robinson Street in Carnarvon, a town 904 km from Perth.

In New South Wales, the most popular and oldest of the big things in Australia is one gigantic banana measuring 13m x 5m located at Coffs Harbour. The Big Banana is a favorite attraction by itself for its rides and amusement parks, but nothing is complete without a photo session with the really Big Banana located north of Coffs Harbour at the Pacific Highway. Coffs Harbour is just a 6-hour drive from Sydney.

For those not satisfied with just a piece of banana, a Big Bunch of Bananas can be found south of Coffs Harbour at Sawtell, a town 6 hours away from Sydney, 16 minutes away from Coffs Harbour. Sawtell is where bananas are grown. It is just on top of Cunningham’s Fruit and Vegetable stall, where you can also buy your choice of fruits and veggies.

Big Cherries

2m x 4m cherries, made public in 1987, are located in the cherry and prune capital of Australia, and probably the world, in Young, NSW. Young is only 4-5 hour drive from Sydney.

Big Mandarin

At the Citrus Capital of Queensland lies a Big Mandarin. Mundubbera is proud of having the largest citrus orchard in the whole of southern hemisphere. The town is also the third largest producer of citrus fruits for the whole of Queensland. To see the giant mandarin, just drive through the Mundubbera-Durong Road and Landy Street in the township of Mundubbera.

Big Mango

Looking like a yellow dinosaur egg, the Big Mango is a 12m x 8m attraction sitting upside down compared to how it should look like hanging by the tree. The Big Mango is an icon for Bowen, the top producer of mangoes in Australia. It is found beside the Bowen Visitor Information Center where you can buy mango souvenirs and goodies. It is located on Bruce Highway, 4km from the city center, overlooking the Edgecumbe Bay.

Big Olive

The Big Olive is by the Big Olive Company which produces olive oil products. The structure is of the two types of olives, one green and one black, which are approximately 11m in height. It weighs a ton or more and is located just outside Tailem Bend at the Big Olive Grove in Dukes Highway. Tailem Bend is just 98 km drive from Adelaide through Dukes and Western Highway.

Big Orange

Big Oranges are also abundant in Australia. One amusing giant orange is located in Tenterfield in NSW. One can say it is a big rotten orange since it was left to roll down from its original location and is braced only by posts to keep it from rolling further. This damaged and neglected orange can be found west of the New England Highway, near Walanggara located north of Tenterfield.

Queensland also has a Big Orange located at Gayndah (above), which is considered the Orange Capital of Queensland. The orange is located at the other end of the town, at the tourist information center, of Gayndah near the Burnett River 366 km northeast of Brisbane. It looks awfully tasty – reminds me of orange tasting in Ojai, Califronia.

Western Australia also has a Big Orange which is on top a 10m tower at the Harvey Fresh orchards. As you drive towards Harvey, this Big Orange is the center point of the town. Inside the orange is a viewing platform which you can climb 62 steps from the platform of the tower. This structure is located at the 3rd Street in Harvey, just 140 km from Perth.

In Berri, South Australia you’ll find a 15m x 12m Big Orange presented to the public in 1980. Made of fiberglass and steel, it weighs approximately 85 tons and is practically a building of four floors. The top floor is overlooking the surrounding vicinity, while the lower floors have various functions. Berri’s Big Orange can be located at the Old Sturt Highway, 235 km or 3 hour 20 minute drive north-east from Adelaide.

Big Pineapple

There used to be two Big Pineapples in Queensland, but the first one was demolished in 2008. The second is found in Woombye. Made of fiberglass, this massive structure is impressive whenever the sun hits the skin as it gives off bold and striking colors. This fruit is 16m x 6m in size, and visitors can take a tour of the pineapple plantation and wildlife reserve nearby. The Big Pineapple is located at the Pacific Highway in Nambour, just an hour and 20 minutes north of Brisbane.

Bilpin Fruit Bowl

And, as if to sum up all the big fruits, Bilpin boasts of its Big Fruit Bowl located just outside a fruit store and restaurant at the Bells Line of Road in Bilpin, New South Wales. And if you just aren’t into fruit? There are hundreds of big things of Australia. Over 150 of them can be spotted near almost any of the major tourism cities. Big animals, big fish, big persons, and just about any iconic things, you can find them life-size in Australia.

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