Make 2010 a Travel More Year

Make 2010 a Travel More Year

What travel is on your horizon?

As we come up to the New Year, many people start thinking about resolutions, like losing weight, travelling more, or chasing other dreams. Others reject resolutions, saying that they just set up unreal expectations and that the change in the calendar means nothing other than the advancing of time.

Whatever your attitude it, resolutions or no resolutions, I think you should have some fun this coming year. And since you’re reading Sharing Travel Experiences, I can only assume you like to travel, so put fun and travel together and spend 2010 getting to know the world a little better.


In “Twas the Night Before Christmas” the children have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. As someone who loves travelling, I have other visions – of New Zealand, Las Medulas, or Costa Rica – dancing in my head. Some are near to me, some are far away. I might not get to them all in 2010, but by constantly thinking about new adventures, I’m never at a loss for where to go next.

Do you know where you want to travel to? What distant lands do you yearn to discover? What inspires you? What fills you with the excitement of the unknown?

Don’t forget about what’s close to you. We can sometimes become blind to our own surroundings, but I’m certain there are many things you can do on day trips or even in a single afternoon right near you. For example, here in San Sebastián, Spain, we have an island in the bay that I’ve yet to visit even though I see it every day. We also have hidden beaches and small villages within a one hour drive from the city.

So, while you dream of distant lands, remember that local delights exist as well.


While I’m not a big fan of plans (because planning can substitute action), when you dream about travelling more, you need to save the money, research the destination and book flights and accommodations well in advance (especially in a high tourist season).

Try to keep your planning to a minimum, however, and let the delight of discovery happen while you’re actually at the destination. Of course, use Sharing Travel Experiences to find out what’s good to do where, but remember that travelling is all about relaxing – don’t let yourself get too stressed out.

And then when it comes to discovering what your immediate area has to offer, be spontaneous! There’s no need to plan a day-trip. Just decide what day you’ll go, then after a quick check to make sure any attractions are open, hop in the car or on the train and go!

One of my best spontaneous discoveries was Rochester, New York. I was living in Toronto, Ontario and woke up one morning deciding I wanted to go somewhere I had never been. I picked up a friend an hour later and we drove around Lake Ontario to Rochester. We discovered great little shops and had a wonderful meal at a Cafe Cibon, an amazing European bistro with a real funky flare.


And speaking of hopping in the car and going, that’s the final part of a Travel More year – and life – actually going through with your plans and getting out of the house. Whether it’s across town to the local Science Museum or around the world to a completely foreign culture, until you actually step outside the house, all your dreams and plans mean nothing.

Some people find travelling a scary experience, whether it’s a fear of flying or a fear of the rest of the world. The thing is, the world isn’t a scary place. Yes, there are some places that are less safe than others, but for the most part, if you keep your head on your shoulders and your wits about you, travelling is as safe as going to the local park.

To make 2010 a travel-more year, you need to start now. Figure out where you want to go, decide how much money you’re going to spend, start saving and at the right moment, make the booking. It’s that simple, honestly!

If you really want to be well taken care of, check out the STE concierge services and for those who prefer more spontaneous travel, check out the super specials.

Happy New Year and may all your travels be delightful!

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