The World’s Best Small Country

Best Small Country

Or at least at one point, it was.

This was the message you used to see when arriving at one of Scotland’s main airports, train stations, or bus stations.
scotlandbestsmallcountry-400x231 The Worlds Best Small Country

Now you’re greeted with a simple ‘Welcome to Scotland’ message, which is a shame, because I really liked the pride and symbolism in the longer message. Sure, it was somewhat an inaccurate statement – I mean, is it really that small of a place? I think the Vatican City and Monaco might beg to differ. And it’s not technically a country – here we tend to refer to it as a nation, which is more accurate as you can see from this definition of a country.

Why I Love Scotland

However, just because they took the signs down doesn’t mean it still isn’t the best small country. It is a really special and really inspiring place – and I don’t just mean as a film studio for Braveheart.

Just a few of the reasons why I love Scotland:

  • Nature & City in Harmony. It’s so easy to get out of the city and explore nature – you can even get on walking trails in the city and feel miles away. My Edinburgh favourites are the Water of Leith and the Innocent Railway Tunnel but you can’t rule out walks along the River Clyde in Glasgow.
  • Tremendous National Heritage. It goes a bit beyond the cheesy kilt shops along the Royal Mile. The songs, the storytelling, and the history that is soaked into the soil here is absolutely amazing. And people remember it too – it’s not just stuff long forgotten. Including all the dead people. Yes, there are dead people buried everywhere in Edinburgh.
  • Casual, Relaxed Culture. Unlike London, things here in Scotland run at a bit of a slower pace, which suits me just fine. (In fact, on a trip last year to Campbeltown, I think things ran backwards for a second, but that might have been one too many ales). While I would agree some Scots like their drink a wee bit too much, my point is that it is totally ok and accepted to spend a Saturday exploring some of our great museums, a glass of wine at lunch, and a long outdoor stroll to round off the evening.
  • World Class Culture. Edinburgh was the first UNESCO City of Literature. Glasgow is now a UNESCO City of Music. Both cities host art exhibitions with stuff that’s been through some of the world’s most prominent cities. And don’t get me started on the theatre scene – there are great performances on every month of the year, not just during the Edinburgh Festival.
  • Smart, Friendly, Inspiring People. I’ve met such helpful and inspirational people here in Edinburgh. It sort of feels like I’ve been on this life long journey and finally would up here just to meet and learn from some really clued-in folk. If you’re reading this, you know who you are and thanks for the support.

Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough about Scotland. It is great. It really is. Do you have a Scotland story to share with us? Share in the comments or drop me a line if you want your own guest post.

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