Photo Essay: Benches With a View

Benches With a View

You know the type of bench we’re thinking about: a place where you can sit and clear your head, get balanced, and soak  up world in your current travel destination.  Well, travel more with a spot sitting on any of these benches with a view in today’s photo essay.

Observatory Hill – Sydney, Australia

Observatory Hill Sydney

The view from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair on the peninsula of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney is one of the city’s best viewpoints.  It was named after the wife of one of the first governors of New South Wales.  But don’t miss this hidden spot on Obsevatory Hill – the perfect place to watch the day go by or a sunset fall upon Australia’s largest city.  And what an unbeatable view.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

View of Victoria Harbour

It is hard to find a bad view in Victoria, Canada’s west coast gem.  This view is hard to beat, especially at twilight.

The Gaudi Benches – Barcelona, Spain

These benches are one of the many Gaudi attractions in Barcelona so they’re a sight to see themselves.  But it is a great place for people watching or just to admire the view over Barcelona city.  Be sure to have a closer look at the mosaic of tiles – it is very intricate and full of surprises.

Anywhere in the Swiss Mountains

Switzerland is covered with these adorable wooden benches along the mountain hiking paths, ample encouragement for you to sit and relax and enjoy the view.  They’re comfortable enough and perfect for picnics or just some quite time for reflection.  Tip:  check out our recommended hiking trails in Interlaken.

Centre Island, Toronto

Centre Island, Toronto

The bustling city of Toronto needs no introduction, but perhaps you weren’t aware of the picture perfect picnic spots on Centre Island.   There is rollerblading, biking, as well as an amusement park and beaches in the summer.  What’s not to like?

Golf Courses in Scotland

With views like this, is it any wonder why golf in Scotland is so popular?  You don’t really even have to like golf (or play, for that matter) to enjoy some of these amazing backdrops.

Monument Valley, Utah, United States

Monument Valley, Utah

The surreal landscape of America’s west is no secret, as it continues to make an appearance as a popular film backdrop. We couldn’t help but admire the quote on this memorial bench:

Hope all who sit here enjoy the view as much as I did.

Newport Riverfront, Kentucky, United States

If you want to roadtrip in the US, how about a stop here at this relaxing bench swing on the Newport riverfront in Kentucky?  It has a fabulous view of the Cincinatti skyline, just across the river in Ohio.

The Brooklyn Bridge – New York, United States

Without a doubt one of my favourite things to do in New York is to walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is an amazing piece of architecture that deserves close and careful inspection, not to mention the fact that the fresh air is great and there is loads to do in Brooklyn!

Waterfalls in Iceland

If you like waterfalls, there are plenty of places to go, but Iceland would be our top tip.  The island is covered with these sheets of water and many of them are quite accessible, not to mention beautiful.

Table Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain overlooks the city of Cape Town in South Africa.  It’s often shrouded in cloud, hence the name, but if you do manage the get a clear day, hit the trails.  They offer a great perspective on the city.

Patagonia, Argentina

Sometimes mother nature just knows where the perfect spot is, and she got it right this time with this lovely natural stone bench above the impressive glacier in Patagonia, home to some of the world’s most amazing glaciers.

The Beaches of Israel

Everyone knows about floating in the dead sea.  But did you know that beaches are some of Israel’s biggest tourist attractions?  It’s exactly the opposite of what you’d expect – peaceful, sunny, and relaxing.

The Banks of the Seine – Paris, France

Ahh, the city of love and romance.  The view from anywhere in Paris is magical, but sitting along the banks of the Seine in central Paris is truly a travel dream come true.  Don’t miss sunset here, which is incredible with the pink sky and the iconic Parisian architecture lighting up the darkening horizon.

Anywhere in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of those cities where you never know what to expect.  While most tourists will be relaxing in any of the many gardens underneath a bench on the cherry blossoms (a very nice experience), these empty benches here provider another surreal view on the city.

Taj Mahal – Agra, India

Sometimes you need to sit down just to take in the view, as is the case with this incredible palace, the Taj Mahal.


Photos by damian_78, vicfan, papalars, joxur223, fasteddie42, foxypar4, bensonkua, billandkent, the-o, kwl, rosino,chez_sugi, johnspooner

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