Inspiring Travel Monthly Roundup – New Year Edition

Inspiring Travel Monthly Roundup

Welcome to to the New Year and to our first inspiring travel roundup of 2010!  It seems like as good of a place as any, as everyone is busy thinking about their New Year’s resolutions.  Hopefully something will inspire you in this list of great articles and stories.  I think this month the theme is, undoubtedly, reflection.  You’ll see why. Grab a hot beverage, sit back and enjoy!

We start off this month with a party – literally, as we check out photos from the Samba De Janeiro – just look at all the crazy stuff going on in the shot below – thanks for sharing, Zhu.


Mitch Lillie sends us one of the best monthly round-up posts ever: How to Risk It, a tale of adventure and near-death in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The reflections on how and why to take risks is a fascinating read, for sure.  I love this quote at the end of the story:


I had learned how to risk it, to ignore danger of death, and embrace all experiences, no matter how close to drowning they may come.

Via the Viewspaper, we take a Trip to Shillong!  It looks beautiful, and this article has lots of practical info on what you need to get around there, though I’d love to have seem more depth about the things to see/do there. Still, another one for your lists.

Steve and Sara from Travel the Long Way Round sent in this interesting post Leaving on a jet Plane where they explain some of their logic in how they’re buying Round the World tickets for an upcoming trip.  I’ve never travelled on a RTW ticket, so it was interesting to me to see their thought process.
Career Overview sent in 100 (yes, 100) clever travel hacks.  Some old nuggets of wisdom and some other new ideas and gems, so check it out.

Travel Welcome shared with us this excellent article with everything to see, do, and know about Tampa.  Did you know Tampa was birthplace of Death Metal?  Perhaps not the top reason on your list, but food for thought. :-)
Traveling New Zealand shared this tip with us about things to see near Kaitaia.  Kaitaia is on the North Island, but don’t miss our tips of things to do on the South Island of New Zealand.
Caribbean Edge suggests these top five things to pack for a trip to Barbados.  I’d suggest you follow that up with a review of things to do in Grenada, a popular article by one of our community members.
My good friend Robin from MyMelange sent us in some stunning photos from her trip to Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman.  It looks like a stunning place – what’s not to like?


This one is probably more for our Live and Work Anywhere readers based in the UK, but check out these tips for claiming tax refunds when moving abroad.  Slightly off topic yet still strangely interesting.

The Brooklyn Nomad wrote in this month to share his views on the TSA madness going on in the USA.  If you haven’t heard about all of this – it is crazy (and the situation has changed further even since Andrew wrote his article).  Interesting, yet frustrating, reading.
Travel to Grow tells about a day in The Inspired Life.  Nice to see someone so positive and having a blast – after all, that’s what life is about!
Nomad4ever has this fascinating piece of reflection about the Good, bad, and Ugly of the Philippines.  We did mention a few of the social aspects in our recent piece about things to do in Dumaguete, but Chris goes very in depth (and very accurate, by the sounds of it), with this article.
We end our monthly tour with a very insightful piece this month by HappenChance about teaching English (as a foreign language) abroad.  If you’ve ever considered this, I urge you to check out this piece!

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