On the Seine at Sunset…

Seine at Sunset

We interrupt this week’s normal agenda with the winning entries in our world’s most inspirational place contest.  Today’s entry is by Rebecca, who will win a subscription to Indie Travel Podcast magazine courtesy of our sponsors.  Congrats Rebecca!

This past Summer my husband and I spent the month of July in Paris so that he could take a course for his PhD.  It was such an amazing time for us.  One night we took our picnic lunch down to the Seine and witnessed the most amazing sunset – sunlight glinting off the sides of the tourist boats passing by, illuminating Notre Dame, giving the entire scene a glorious rose tint.

Our feet hanging over the endge of the embankment, a glass of wine (shhhh, don’t tell) in hand, and music from a motley group of musicians wafting through the air.  It was a moment of peace in the midst of chaos, beauty in the midst of an often ugly world, and a moment where everyone there was united in their human recognition of the sublime.  I know that sounds a bit over the top but it was a moment that will stay with me for many years.

Seine Paris Sunset

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