Inspring Travel Monthly Roundup – October Edition

Travel Monthly Roundup

A small tweak to your otherwise monthly blast of travel goodness:  we’ve tweaked the name!  Those of you in the blogging ‘circle’ as it were are familiar with the term “carnival” but we want to make a seat at the table for our good friends who are technophobes and just come to join us for the armchair adventures.  So we’re no longer a carnival – we’re a monthly roundup.  Same great stuff with a more friendly name.  Sound good?  Excellent.  Let’s get this show on the road.

I have to say I am very pleased with the efforts of the guys who sponsor the submission form – we’re only getting clean, quality links now, which makes it a lot easier to read through the amazing entries.

First up is this great post from the Q Family – Dreaming of Sand, Sun, and Surf. It’s part of a fantastic new series they are calling Mondays are for Dreaming. AMEN! And with that I leave you this little gem of a photo to dream over…


If the dreaming spurred you into action, how about visiting a Vietnamese night market in Saigon? That’s the tip of the month from Jonny at Vietnam Travel. Reminds me of the fun I have had at the night markets in Hong Kong. Food, souvenirs, and great atmosphere all in one spot.

Emma at Baby Log wrote in this month to tell us about the 4 mistakes she made on a recent ski vacation. I’d argue that these are four mistakes one could make on ANY holiday. The picture should make you smile, at least. :) (Sorry Emma – better luck next time?)

San Diego’s Go To Girl sends us in some great tips for things to do in San Diego. It’s aimed at residents, asking them to make the most of living there, but hey – good ideas and good ideas, so check ‘em out.

L‘espirit Sud sends us this AMAZING photo essay and article about the merits of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. If you only read one link today, this is the one. It is a superb read. Thanks Sandra.

Next time you’re in Sweden, check out this Moose Park as suggested by Eyeflare – yes, that’s right, there is a Moose Park! Crazy I know. What’s worse is I didn’t realise ‘moose’ and ‘elk’ were the same thing. Oops! Love this photo as well, Jack – nicely done.

The Highball Blog shares with us a new sporting activity for the month: diving! With loads of pictures so you can see all the splish-splash fun, you can ignore the what look like painful moments when a dive doesn’t go just quite right.

Before you book your next hotel, be sure to check out these tips for choosing from the kind folk at Cheap Hotel Chains. Very useful suggestions.

The Efficient Parent wrote in this month waxing philosophically about the top 10 best places to grow up. I should note this is 10 places in America because some otherwise notable entries would be missing. Anyway – it is a great article which hopefully remind each of you about the simple pleasures of your city.

Check out the picture below. Want to know where it was taken? Well check out Grievous Body Charm to find out. Hint: it’s an island.

When I saw this Tripbase list making the rounds, I thought “what a great idea – why didn’t I think of that?” It’s the 15 most magical places in the world. How cool is that? I’ve been to a few – how many have you seen?

Go Now. That’s the title of this great article by 20-Something Travel on why you shouldn’t wait to travel. Three great reasons. Go and read ‘em.

The Viewspaper reminds us of the idyllic charms of The Galapagos Islands this month. You’ll note this is where Darwin founded his research on evolution, but you’ll find plenty more to entertain you there today. Great write-up of suggestions and how to get in/out.

Tony from the Soul of Japan wrote in this month to share with us a photo journey of his trip to Nara, an ancient capital. Gorgeous photos (there’s tons of them!) and commentary to boot.

Patti from A French Education sent in this EXCELLENT post on riding the barges on the Canal Du Midi in France. I loved this piece – this canal is high on my list not only because I love canals but man oh man the views! What reflections.

Back to a more off-beat destination, Travel Wonders tells us about a trek to see the Gorillas in the Congo. Woah! They got really close up. Crazy stuff. Great photos, Mark.

Rambling Brook gets very introspective this month with her post on discovery. Or self-discovery, in this case.

Watch Me Eat wrote in this month to tell us about their walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at Night (always a pleasure, never a chore, in my book) and the food they found on the other side. How lovely.

Shannon at A Little Adrift tell us a bit more about hiking in Scotland – the good and the bad! A great little trip this one is though, to the Old Man of Storr. (Hint: It’s a stone, not a person.)

We round off this edition of the inspiring travel monthly roundup with a wonderful stop in Wales: Portmeirion. As Travelogged says, “Portmeirion is one of those places you just can’t stop photographing.” Agreed.


That’s all for this month! I hope you enjoyed it and if those of you featured could update your articles with a link back here, that’d be great!


If you have a blog and want to be in next month’s round up, just submit your article here. As always, articles are due in last day of the month and publication is usually the first Sunday of the month.

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